When is it Time to Revamp Your Website?

Published On: October 24, 2016Categories: Development & Design

These days, your audience’s first impression of your business or organization is based almost exclusively on your website so revaming your website isn’t a task to take lightly.

While you can find many excellent reason NOT to Revamp you website, here are some ways to know whether it’s time for a website redesign.

Is it mobile-friendly?

For a mobile-friendly website, you need responsive design, which shrinks websites for smartphone viewing and expands on tablets and desktops. It also allows different elements of the site to be emphasized depending on the viewing experience.

Why should you update your website to a Responsive/Adaptive design?

  • Customers can Find your Information Easier 85% of all searches are done on a mobile device first. A mobile-first approach is essential and will lead to a cleaner and faster performing user experience for your customer.
  • It Saves Time and Money One website means no mobile apps or mobile websites are necessary. Only one website to support, all in one location, saving you time and money!
  • It Helps your SEO Efforts With a SEO friendly URL for desktop, mobile users and search engine bots, your website will be consistent which makes for a better user experience, and is easier for Googles’ link algorithms to increase crawler efficiency.

Is it meeting or exceeding goals?

The benchmarks for a successful website vary across businesses. An e-commerce company might use online sales as a marker, while a service business might measure customer data collected from an online registration form/Leads.

Is it making your business or organization better? Your website should allow you to integrate applications to automate administrative tasks like Event Registrations, Newsletter email signup, Pay for services, Email Marketing. Your website should do more than just look good, it should make your business better.

Does is look outdated?

This is important because your website is the face of your business or organization online. If it’s outdated, it reflects poorly on your business. Visiting a poorly designed website online is like visiting a dirty, rundown store in the real world. Your website represents your business or organization online just like a store or office represents your business in the real world. Is your site using tables, or are your images small, it’s time to revamp.

Don’t miss out on Gaslight Media’s Advancement within the WordPress Platform.

The exciting news for our clients is we have completed the custom code/scripting that enables us to do a full export of existing website content, photo galleries, events, member database records/profiles and visitor leads from the legacy GLM administration applications and tools into their new website environment platform. Our plug-in writing and programming code will continue to grow, as we find better ways to give clients control and management of their website content, without having to be a web developer or programmer!

If we have not had an opportunity to contact you directly with suggestions and ideas for redeveloping your website into a responsive design, which includes a conversion into the WordPress platform, give us a call at 231-487-0692 or  Email Jodie Bissonette.

What is WordPress?

Over 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress, from simple websites and blogs to complex intranet and corporate sites. It’s the most popular CMS system (content management system) in use (23.5% of ALL websites) and it’s popularity keeps growing. WordPress is an excellent platform, offering customizable tools and plug-ins, and the WordPress source code is updated 60-80 times per day! Not only is it secure, stable, and easy-to-use, but it offers tons of customization and a variety of responsive plug-ins.

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